How should I prepare for second date

14-second date tips should you prepare for the second date

second date preparation

Without planning, no work in successful. Though it’s your second date, you should not take this lightly. Because this second date will make your chance for the next date. Here is a brief idea for your planning of the second date which will help you create a special moment with your partner.

1: Include multiple venues for the second date:

Both of you through discussion can select multiple venues for your second date. But remember the place must keep quiet, noisy and crowded places aren’t perfect for your second date you adding of multiple venues will make your partner more positive about you. It will also enhance your capability to go ahead with your loving one. Multiple venues increase your emotional attachment, which will make you feel free.

2: Be confident:

You must have to be confident and optimistic about your second date. If you can’t express yourself as a hopeful person at the end of the day, you will be the ultimate loser. All of your desire and dream will scatter in a moment. So be assertive to make your relationship. Your positive attitude will comfort your partner.

3: Flirt more:

The second date is the chance to flirt more than your first date. If your conversation goes for a long time. You can get the privilege for more flirting your look to him/her will be more appealing your attitude towards him/her will be liked that he/she can easily feel special to you. Make compliments about your partner this will give radiant feelings to her. So, keep you flirting more rhythmic.

4: Ask additional Questions:

As in your first date, you didn’t feel much free to ask questions now it’s the second date to know more about your partner. Ask him/her prudently so he/she can’t feel uneasy. You asking can be about family members’ favorite things like movies, books, or anything else. But be humble to make questions.

5: Take your time:

Making a strong relationship is not a simple task. You remain any preparation. Your second date will be futile. So, take preparation to do something different on the second date. You can make a plan for enjoying your time. In your planning, you should not miss what will be your dress you get up an interesting question about your partner and also your desire in this relationship.

6: Ask some killer questions:

By asking killer questions, it’s not your intension to make him/her nervous. It’s just for fun. It can be a truth or dare question. By asking the killer, you will see his/her curiosity about it. Don’t judge him by this funny question.

7: Make him feel special:

On your second date, you have to prove to your loving one that he/she is the apple of your eyes. So, to make him/her feel special you can buy a flower bouquet or chance such a place for dating which she likes most your first date’s conversation helps you to find at his/her favorite places or items your surprise will give him/her such a delight which make your second date very special.    

8: Greet your date with a hug and peck on the check:

Your Expression on the second date should be more ecstatic. After seeing your partner, you can give him/her a hug with a little Rack on the check. This will increase the passionate feelings in your mind. So, don’t delay making a doable peck by seeing her.

9: Do something different from on your first date:

On your second date, try to do something new which will differ from the first one this can be something childish or can be a sudden decision to go out for seeing a movie. If your dating place is a near will, you can express your love by crying out loudly. This expression can make her/his second date very remarkable.

10:  Don’t start talking about your exes yet:

It’s very natural that you might have an ex on second date conversation you can skip about your ex or can disclose about this to your partner. It’s unnecessary to tell him/her every pros and con about your ex one.

Your disclosing of every matter will make a negative idea about you to your partner. If you are an intelligent guy, reserve yourself from sharing everything.

11: Don’t think about sex yet’s the second date:

The second date is very early to reach into sex. You should wait for 2 or 3 dates more to make sex. Give enough time to make your relationship healthier and more mature. In a nature relationship, sex is very normal. But as you just start your relationship, it seems very awkward to make sex on the second date. Keep patience to make your love true for future life.

12: Send a courtesy text message to him after your second date:

After the second date, you should give a text message to your lover. This text message will express your positive attitude and love towards your partner. you can text him/her like as-

  • ·         The day was amazing we enjoyed it a lot. I wish I could go there again! Thank you for being with me.
  • ·         I spent a beautiful day with you. You are very special to me can we go for the third date?

13: Increase your interaction on social media networks:

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are the most popular social media network where you can share your feelings for your loving one. You can write something from your loving one’s status, make comments on his/her photos, retweet his/her tweets, and also can tag different things which make her laugh. This interaction will help to build a strong relationship.

14: Finish the second date with a kiss:


At the end of your date, you can give him/her a brief kiss which will say a lot about your relationship. Through this kiss will depend on how both of you spend your second date. If both of you spend your day with great amusement, it’s a positive sign to make a kiss. But if your partner remains silent and shows less interest, you shouldn’t insist to make a kiss. Rather, refrain yourself from making another date.

The second date is easier and more blissful than your first date. On this date you will feel free and relax, with no hesitation, on you can interact with your loving one. You don’t have to be formal on this date. As a result, both of you can make a deep discussion and can share your feelings. Your conversation should be more interesting and enjoyable, which will increase intimacy in your relationship. This date’s success will confirm you’re next meet up. So, make your own plan and let us know about it.

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